Are you an amateur or Semi Pro pole dancer? Has the lockdown got you desperate for an excuse to dress up and put on a show? Then this is the mini comp for you!


Home Club is our lockdown edition of "Pole Club" which runs 4 times a year at Pole Dance Academy Sydney.

Home Club is literally an in-house competition for pole dancers all around the world to perform and be a part of a competition.


It doesn't matter if you have a pole or not.

You can use a pole if you have one OR perform floor work OR even chair dancing... get creative!

First to enter get automatic entry.

You will be given feedback for your performance.

Competitors will be judged on:

1) Tricks : 10 points

(On or off the pole. skilful execution and technique)

2) Floor work and dance & flow: 10 points

3) Costume: 10 points

4) “X - Factor & Creativity”: 10 points

(stage presence, creativity, engagement with audience, entertainment and originality)

Step 1: Complete the HD&F Student Sign Up Form