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Learn the basics of floorwork all the way through to more advanced, acrobatic floorwork. You'll learn some amazing sequences to take your floorwork to the next level!


Whether you're a Beginner pole dancer or an Advanced trickster, we have everything you need. With tutorials for all levels, we will show you how to do all the tricks you're excited to learn - and how to put them into beautiful combos. 


Dreaming of an oversplit? Fantasising about a needle scale? Longing to bring your feet to the floor in a chest stand? Or maybe you're just focusing on being able to touch your toes? Wherever you're at in your flexibility journey, we have a tutorial to help you make exciting breakthroughs. Pole Dance Academy is renowned for its focus on flexibility, and we are excited to share our tips and secrets with you, so that you can achieve your flexibility goals. 


Whether you're looking for Exotic, Classique, Aussie Showgirl, fast and fun, or slow and sensual - we have choreo classes for all styles. Pole Choreo, Chair Choreo, Striptease, Floorwork - we have it all! Train with a pole or without - the choice is yours!

At Pole Dance Academy, we are famous for our Pole Choreo classes. Develop your fluidity, grace and control with our beautiful choreography routines. You'll learn to dance confidently and develop your own unique style. 


Be strong, be powerful. Challenge yourself with our Conditioning and AAA workouts - which can be done at home or in the studio. Increase your strength and stamina for all your most challenging pole combos!

We also have a rage of warm up videos that you can do to get ready for your pole or dance classes. Put on your favourite playlist and away you go! 


No matter what your current balancing ability is, we have what you need to go from complete beginner to handstand pro. With our range of handstands and balance tutorials, and conditioning and flexibility exercises, you will learn all the basics of balances - including headstands, forearm stands, crow pose, and ultimately, freestanding handstands. You will learn strength and core stability exercises to improve your ability to hold more challenging poses. 

We can't wait to meet you!