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Let's chat with Natasha Wang!

Natasha Wang is an international pole teacher, performer and competition judge. A once exercise-averse club kid, Natasha discovered pole at the ripe age of 30 and went on to become one of the icons of the pole world. One of the most inspiring performers in the world, we couldn't wait to chat with Natasha about all things pole!

Shimmy: Natasha! Wow we are such fans. You are such an icon in the pole world. How many years have you been pole dancing?

Natasha: 18 years this year!

Shimmy: You got your start as a pole dancer at S Factor, which is kind of a unique style of pole studio. Can you tell us a bit about that journey and how it impacted your style?

Natasha: I took my first class in 2005 in the "dark ages" of pole, before Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube. For so many years, my pole repertoire consisted of fireman spins, sloppy climbs and hoisting myself into inverts. The number of pole casualties (aka fellow students who had to quit pole due to shoulder injuries) was bonkers. So much has evolved since then!

I do however, have to thank that studio for teaching me how to go deeper in terms of how I interpret music, and to really feel the feels. My pole style has always been a bit internal, in large part because I’m not a natural extrovert or performer, but all those years of dancing in the dark certainly had some influence.

Shimmy: You've travelled the world teaching and performing for so many years now... What has been the most amazing pole experience you’ve had?

Natasha: Traveling around the world and teaching in so many beautiful locations, including PDA home base Sydney, which is still one of my favourite cities in the world.

Shimmy: Aww yay! We love having you visit! But now tell us - what has been the strangest place you’ve pole danced?

Natasha: Not so much strange as interesting…about 13 years ago, I was part of a contemporary art installation called Black Mirror that took place on a barge in Greece with actress Chloe Sevigny and three other pole dancers (including PSO ’s Amy Guion). We had a 2-week show in Hydra and Athens. No other performance has topped that one.

Shimmy: Pole dancing has obviously changed your life completely. But you weren't always a pole dancer! Where would you be and what would you be doing now if you hadn’t found pole?

Natasha: I spent nine years working as an entertainment technology publicist before I quit to do pole full-time, so I imagine I’d still be cranking away doing that and wondering where my life went.

Shimmy: And the pole world would have missed out on a huge star! Thank you so much for chatting with me today.

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