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Get ready to take your pole choreography skills to the next level!


In this two day course created by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle, we focus on a combination of theoretical and practical skills to enhance and refine your knowledge and skills in relation to Classique style movement. 

Maddie Sparkle and Michelle Shimmy are two sisters from Australia and we have been pole dancing since 2006. In 2009, they opened the now world famous Pole Dance Academy in Sydney, Australia. They now own 4 studios across Sydney. 


Maddie and Shimmy have always loved exotic and Classique style pole dancing. They are the owners of Dance Filthy and Pole Theatre, which are international competitions in roughly 18 countries across the world. Dance Filthy and Pole Theatre take sexy style dance to the international competitive pole dancing stage, in a celebration of the sensual side of pole dance performance.


In this two day course, you will learn:

  1. A History of Pole Dance & "Classique"

  2. Conditioning for heels, Toe Point & Using Heels

  3. Performance skills & stage presence

  4. Acting for pole performance

  5. Teaching Pole Choreo

  6. How to instruct & choreograph your own routine

  7. Warm up and Stretch

  8. Sexy Basics

  9. Dirty Sexy Floorwork

  10. Acting for Pole Performance

  11. Pole Theory

  12. Kips for Floorwork

  13. Sexy Acro Pole Choreo

  14. Acro Technique

  15. Creating Choreo

  16. Slow & Sensual

  17. Flawless Flexibility

  18. Acro Lap

  19. Classique Chair Routine

  20. Classique Sexy Acro Spin Choreo

  21. Polished Transitions & Techniques

  22. Sexy Acro Classique Static Choreo Routine

  23. Pole to Floor and Floor to Pole

  24. And much much more!


There is an optional assessment at the end of the course if you wish to receive feedback and receive a grade for the coursework


All participants receive a detailed course manual and a certificate.

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Why choose the Classique Certification Course?

Take your choreo skills to the next level!
The coursework (both written and video based) covers floorwork, sexy acro/sensual movement, grounded pole work, theory, pole choreo, transitions, how to choreograph, performance skills, pole dance, flexibility, movement in heels, transitions how to teach sexy acro, classique style movement and so much more!

Over the course you will achieve so many breakthroughs and be on your way to making your personal dance style as fluid and beautiful as it can be.

The training includes all instructional videos from the training. 

In this two-day program created by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle, you will learn the essential skills that you need to become a confident and effective classique style pole dancer and performer.

You can then build on those skills to learn fully choreographed routines in our signature dance styles. We encourage you to personalise the skills you learn in the certification, and to develop your own style.  

It takes so much more than just being an advanced level pole dancer to be an amazing sexy dancer and instructor. You obviously need great pole and floor technique, but also a love of pole (maybe even a touch of obsession!).

There is no time limit for you to complete the course. You can do it in two days, or you can spread it out to fit in with your schedule. It's completely up to you.


We can't wait to train with you online!


NB: We recognise that "exotic" is not acceptable terminology to describe the dance style. We have changed our wording where possible to "sexy acro" and are in the process of updating our videos to also correspond with these changes.

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