Pole Dance Academy was established in 2009 by sisters Maddie Sparkle and Michelle Shimmy. With four studio locations in Sydney, Australia, the PDA team has taught thousands of students how to fly. We are passionate about the transformative effect of pole dance - whether it be through improved self-confidence, body positivity, improved strength and flexibility, or of course - general badassery. We are excited to welcome you to our online studio so that you can train with us no matter where you are in the world!


 By participating in online classes at PDA Online, you acknowledge and accept that: 

  1. pole dance is a physically difficult and risky activity and it is possible that you may injure yourself;

  2. by participating in classes at Pole Dance Academy Online (PDA Online), you willingly assume the risk of participating in the recreational services supplied by PDA Online;

  3. you will advise your PDA Online instructor of any injuries you may have, and you will notify your instructor of any injuries you may sustain during class;

  4. you will follow all instructions given to me by my PDA instructor and you will not attempt moves that are beyond your current skill level; 

  5. you must be present and participate in the warm up and you must ensure that your training space is free from objects or obstruction and is a safe space to train in;​
  6. you release, discharge and hold PDA Online, its directors, contractors and employees harmless from any liability howsoever resulting from personal injuries or death suffered by you whilst participating in the recreational services offered by PDA Online (including but not limited to injuries or death arising because the recreational services were not provided with due care and skill or were not reasonably fit for their purpose); and 

  7. you waive your rights to commence legal action against PDA Online for any cause relating to my use and PDA Online’s supply of recreational services. 

  8. you waive your rights to take any legal action against PDA Online for any injury or death caused by participating in PDA Online classes or activities to the fullest extent permitted under the law.

  9. you assume all risk of any personal injury or death which you may suffer whilst participating in the recreational services offered by PDA Online. 

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