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Are you looking for a supportive online community to guide you and support you on your pole, choreography and flexibility journey? Would you like to train with the best pole instructors in the world, from the comfort of your own home?

If so, then you've found your people right here. We can't wait to train with you!

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  • Hundreds of Tutorials - Pole Tricks, Choreo, Floorwork, Flexibility, Strength, Handstands & more!

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"I'm really loving pole more than I ever have before because of PDA and it's wonderful cross training for my dance trapeze ❤️"



"Just wanted to say and give a kudos to my first ever online class and first ever floorwork class this was a ball!!!  Loved it and it released to much tension and i feel so happy and at peace! I’m a counselor and I’m aware movement is a great way to release stress it’s also proven to release trauma and I can tell you after a horrible night of night terrors i was almost not going to show up but I’m so glad i did because i feel brand new!! Even if I’m not at my best i did my best and i felt so supported and the facilitator knew what she was doing and took it slow! Amazing i love it!!"



"I attend several pda online classes a week. I love the variety of training also for conditioning, stretch, stabilisation, strength and choreo and tricks. I’m a mum and have a full time career, so having access to on-demand classes and live classes which I can do anytime is a saving grace for me when I can’t get to a studio. Thank you 😘😘"



"I have been doing the tutorials from PDA online all day and they have all been so much fun thank you guys so much for making it!"


"I love taking online stretch classes because it allows me to truly relax into a stretch. I have a hard time relaxing when I'm in a studio with lots of people around. PDA Online is perfect for truly helping me with my flexibility gains"



"PDA has became such a big part of my life, making it so much better ❤️" 



"There is so much I love about PDA Online, but I love the friendliness of the instructors. They ask for progress videos and always send great feedback."


"I live in the UK and I love the fact that I can take classes with you from here. I was meant to come to Sydney in 2 weeks for my birthday and I had planned on visiting the studio but given the COVID 19 situation, my trip was cancelled. The fact that I can still dance with you guys makes me happy. The lessons are great and the teachers are so friendly. It's good to learn fresh choreo regularly too. I've also been doing some of the tutorials and these are really helpful and broken down well. It's great that you have brought us something positive in such a difficult and uncertain time."